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Here we'd like to share our experiences and thoughts building Alasco’s tech platform. We heavily rely on open source and the web community at large and would like to contribute back with this blog. If you have any questions (or would like to join us), feel free to reach out @AlascoTech!

Meet Your (New) Colleagues

Sebastian Seitz - May 29, 2020
At Alasco we work every day to reduce costs and duration of construction projects. Following this clear vision and goal of bringing value to our customers, there are two major topics that define our work: Culture (the values we live and work by) ...
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Keep your frontend dependencies up-to-date

Sebastian Mark - March 16, 2020
At Alasco we are developing various Frontend components every day in order to achieve that our customers have the best user experience possible to fulfill their daily tasks. This leads to not only developing everything by ourselves but also using ...
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Handling Money and Taxes in Python

Chris Ittner - January 31, 2020
Much of our code at Alasco deals with storing, computing and presenting monetary values along with taxes. Handling money — similar to time and date — involves a number of details and edge cases that are best left to a dedicated library or data typ...
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Memory Monitoring on AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Sebastian Seitz - November 12, 2019
There’s a lot of automated and helpful metrics collected via Amazon’s Cloudwatch when you run your system on the AWS Cloud. By deploying your applications via the AWS Elastic Beanstalk you even get a predefined dashboard with a lot of helpful metr...
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Developing in 4WD mode

Anselm Bauer - September 27, 2019
At Alasco, we strive to improve the cost control methods of construction processes through the combination of modern software and digital workflows. One year ago we founded the company and started to build the first product iterations with a very ...
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Dependency Hell? Automate it Away!

Sebastian Seitz - September 24, 2019
For a couple of years I’ve been working in DevOps environments now. This enabled me to learn about various technologies:
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My life as an intern at Alasco

Jan Engelmann - September 12, 2019
My life as an intern at AlascoOn my first day founder Basti asked me to write down all things I learned about the Dev-Setup in order to document knowledge that only lives in the heads of the developers.I jokingly called this documentation the inte...
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ShipIt day: Recap

Martin Vielsmaier - July 2, 2019
In our day-to-day work focussed on digitizing the cost controlling in construction projects, we sometimes lack the time to freely experiment onunlikely ideas to solve our customers’ problems and to collaborate with allother roles & teams in ou...
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Wedding Retro

Sebastian Seitz - July 1, 2019
Welcome to the continuation of my “retro-diary” following up on my very first article. I’d like to share some more insights on how we do agile retrospectives at Alasco. I hope the ideas of my last article were helpful - I’d be very happy to hear a...
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A Retro a Sprint Keeps the Doctor Away

Sebastian Seitz - May 7, 2019
Starting with this post I’d like to share some insights on how we do agile retrospectives at Alasco. I’ve been lucky enough to have worked in agile-positive environments and learn from experienced agile coaches like Torsten Wunderlich and Manuel K...
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When an engineer becomes product manager

Sebastian Schuon - February 14, 2019
In this post, I would like to talk about our infrastructure and how we deploy. I, Sebastian, had been coding the initial version of Alasco. As time went on and the team grew, I moved into the product manager role. Today I am responsible for the pr...
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